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Your Security

Taking care of pets is only one aspect of the care we offer.  There are many risks and dangers that may arise in an unattended home.  Many of our clients do not own pets, but prefer the peace of mind that our home security checks bring.  Bad weather, leaking pipes, failing water heaters, gas leaks, and faulty wiring can take everything you own in an instant.  Don't leave town without knowing we are watching over your home and possessions.  In the event that there is unexpected trouble, we are prepared to prevent further damage, submit your insurance claim in your absence, or hire contractors to perform vital repairs that stop further damage.  Our sitters are prepared!

At Home Safe also offers free alarm response service, 24/7.  If a client places us on their alarm monitoring company contact list, we will respond to your alarms, regardless of whether you are out of town.  If we get the call and cannot reach you, a sitter will arrive and contact the police when necessary.  We will not leave your home or pets unprotected.  Additionally, if you or your family get locked out of your home, your sitter can bring you a key, free of charge! 

Our sitters are on the lookout for any suspicious activity. We are familiar with the techniques that thieves use to gain access to a home. Our window, lock, and door checks make sure that there is no easy way in. Signs that you are away are eliminated by bringing in mail and newspapers, taking out trash, varying lights, and being on watch. With a degree in criminal justice and prior training with the Marietta Police Department, the owner of At Home Safe takes your privacy and security very seriously. Our sitters are there to do a job. We do not snoop, explore, or look through your home or possessions. We are professionals, and we earn our top notch reputation with the quality of service we provide. We will earn your trust, and you can count on it.