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What We Do

At Home Safe offers complete home and pet care services. We can perform an across-the-board range of everything a pet is likely to need. We don't ignore what's going on with your home either! Making sure you return to find everything exactly as you left it is our goal.


You decide which services are right for you.

We tailor our services specifically to your needs:

  • Fresh food and water for your pets
  • Clean litter boxes
  • Pet medications
  • Pet taxi
  • Cage cleaning
  • Emergency veterinary care from Cobb AC
  • Water potted plants
  • Bring in mail, newspapers, and packages
  • Vary lights, radios, televisions, and blinds
  • Bring trash cans in or out
  • Empty portable dehumidifier tanks
  • Check in with pet updates
  • Home security checks
  • Alarm response
  • Key courier lockout service
  • 7AM-11AM, 12PM-4PM, 7PM-11PM service hours
  • Overnight stays
  • Short-notice sitting
  • Basic swimming pool upkeep
  • Home emergency management
  • Contractor hiring and implementation
  • Vet, trainer, adoption, and pet product referrals
  • Special requests



NOTE:  The client is responsible for emergency veterinary expenses, pet supplies, or any costs incurred by At Home Safe in the course of providing service. Dog washing, cage cleaning, or services that require extra time beyond out normal service period may have additional fees. See our prices page for more information.  Sitter availability is subject to the maximum number of clients we can service, weather conditions, and sitter leave time.  Regardless of any of these situations, once a sitting is scheduled, our sitters will NEVER miss a scheduled appointment to care for your pets.

Using At Home Safe Petsitting is easy:

  1. Call us to confirm we have a sitter available.

  2. Schedule an appointment to meet your sitter.

  3. Meet your sitter and provide a key.

  4. Your sitter will detail your home & pet care needs.

  5. Hit the road! Your sitter has everything covered.

  6. Call upon return. We don't stop unless you're back.

  7. We're ready when you travel again. Just call us.

That's all there is to it!

To make travelling even easier for you, all your home and pet care instructions are stored in our secure database. After you meet your sitter the first time, we are ready to go for all future trips with just one email or call. We can even work on short notice! Long trip or short, your pets aren't likely to miss you with us around!

Worried about your alarm system?  At Home Safe only uses temporary codes that you can remove after each trip.  We never learn your permanent code.  Only your sitter will know your information, and your sitter will never bring anyone to your home.

Whatever kind of pets you have, chances are we've taken care of one.  We have experience with dogs, cats, birds, fresh water fish, salt water fish, turtles, lizards, rabbits, ferrets, ducks, chickens, horses, tarantulas, snakes, scorpions, mice, rats, gerbils, and many more.

Our sitters understand the mportance of proper medicating. whether it be pills, drops, creams, or shots, We make sure that doses are exact and on time.  We pay close attention to pets with health conditions, and will be in contact with you immediately if we feel they need a veterinarian.