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Obtaining a dependable sitter can be very difficult. As if the stress of planning a trip is not enough, you must find someone who you can trust inside your home. You may be looking for a new sitter, or you may have never tried one before. Either way, hiring our experienced pet lovers is the first step toward easier travel and peace of mind.  No need to drive back and forth to a kennel. We'll come to your pets.   It's time to stop struggling to find a friend to rely on, inconveniencing your family member's schedules, or wondering what the neighbor kid will do in your home. Even if you do have someone to watch your home and pets, they may not always be there when needed.  At Home Safe petsitters will always be ready when you need us. Let us do the work! After all, it isn't work for us... we love what we do!

Why our in-home care is better than boarding your pets:


  • No per pet charges
  • No rate increase over holidays
  • No bothersome drive to or from the kennel
  • More attention and play time than a kennel typically provides
  • No contact with other animals that may carry disease
  • No need to pay extra for required boarding vaccines
  • Familiar home environment reduces stress on your pets
  • Your home needs (plants, mail, trash, etc) are covered
  • No more inconveniencing friends, family, and neighbors for care
  • Keep the same sitter every trip, so pets can get used to one person

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